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The importance of a week away for a grieving family

“I have been through so much emotionally since losing our only child in Afghanistan and truly this was such a lovely and quiet place that gave me time to relax and leave behind all of the hardships and struggles of my life”.

The family went on a week accommodation with CLC World Resorts & Hotels in Tenerife. They were impressed by the resort and highlighted how the accommodation was first class in a lovely and pleasant place: “everything you could ask for from a holiday!” The staff were so friendly and supportive and the entertainment team second to none! “We played golf, bingo and even a quiz game”. There is also a shuttle that takes you to the city centre where there are a lot of nice places to visit and lovely restaurants that the family very much enjoyed.

The family added how they were pleased in meeting amazing people with whom they shared their memories of their late son. “It was lovely just to be able to talk about him, people were lovely and wished us well and thanked us for his service. In some ways, it gave me so much pride in all he did for his country to know people truly are grateful for all our fallen service personnel.”

The family were so happy to see that people didn’t hide from them - on the contrary they wanted to know about their son and speaking about him proved to be a healing experience.

“Thank you so much to all at Give Us Time! I don’t think people realise just how important these week trips can help our families. I am deeply grateful to the wonderful people and companies who give up accommodation to allow these trips to happen”


Lady Kitty Spencer energizes Fundraising event

Give Us Time wouldn’t have such a great impact if it wasn’t for the dedication of its Trustees and Ambassadors. Their commitment and understanding of the importance of our charitable cause enables the Charity to go the extra mile and do its best to help military families in need.

At our annual Fundraising event, held at the Corinthia in November 2016, our Ambassador and Trustee Lady Kitty Spencer delivered a powerful and moving speech underlining the importance of the family and of Give Us Time work.

Lady Kitty Spencer spoke about her personal experience and how she was deeply touched by the stories of the families who had been on a holiday, through Give Us Time, and the remarkable effect it had on their lives. “We don’t claim to be an ultimate fix”, she explained, highlighting how the feedback received from our beneficiary showed “how much of an impact just a simple break can be in terms of reconnecting as a family unit”. Lady Kitty Spencer explained that Give Us Time aimed to “provide a chance for families to emerge back into a normal world” after suffering injuries, losses or long periods away from their loved ones.

Having thanked all those who had supported and continued to support the Charity, Lady Kitty Spencer concluded by saying that “Give Us Time was a brilliant and noble charity, tackling a serious need with urgency and sensitivity. I could not be prouder of speaking on its behalf”.


Tatler interview to our Trustee and Ambassador Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer, cousin to Royals William and Harry, joined Give Us Time in 2014 and from that moment on she has shown deep commitment in helping military families in need and raise awareness on Give Us Time work.

In December 2015 Kitty was interviewed by Tatler Magazine about her experience working with Give Us Time and all she does to help the Charity: “I do it because it’s such a great charity, but mainly because it gives me joy and it challenges me.”

Kitty is deeply involved in the Charity, meeting military families, welfare officers and trying to persuade more people to donate free holiday accommodation to those military families most in need. “I know the value of family”, Kitty explained in the Tatler article, “I come from a big, extended family myself. It is a support system, a source of strength and comfort through life’s ups and downs. For military personnel, family is the all-important backdrop to their professional lives. They need the stability and love to come back to, and they also need time away together.”

Give Us Time is very proud of Kitty’s work and her deep understanding of the challenges military families’ experience is remarkable.

As the article says, during a visit to Wellington Barracks to meet Service personnel in need “her blue eyes filled with tears on hearing about a soldier who needs a holiday arranged at once because he has cancer and not long to live.” Kitty’s meeting at Wellington Barracks was only one of many fact-finding and support visits. “I recently went to Center Parcs in Woburn to meet Captain Matthew Harris, his lovely wife Louise and their three boys, Henry, Edwards and Albert. Captain Harris explained that this time away was not something they would otherwise have been able to afford. Too often this is the case for military families. Last month we sent several families to a golf resort and spa in Turkey. One married couple in their 40s had never been away together before. Not once. I am so proud that Give Us Time is able to provide this precious time for rest and reconnection for those who need it most.”

She then underlined the importance of putting long-term effort in helping our Service men and women, highlighting how this is an important responsibility for each and every one in our community. “Last year [2014], our combat mission in Afghanistan came to an end. It is imperative that we make sure that there is an enduring support network for those who have come home. Give Us Time envisions a nation that truly looks after our military families, not just now, but over the long term. This is not just a government issue. I believe it is our individual responsibility, to not only understand the service and sacrifices of our troops and their families, but to take action where we can, to help lighten their load. It’s the very least our military families deserve.”

A big thank you to Lady Kitty Spencer for her support to Give Us Time and all our military families.


Our 2016 Fundraiser event at the Corinthia: thank you to our donors!

Give Us Time would like to thank all those who attended our Fundraiser event on the 23rd November 2016. The event was not just an occasion to raise vital funds for the Charity, but it also gathered together our supporters and our holiday donors.

Words cannot properly express the heartfelt thanks we feel for your generosity and collaboration over the past years and we are looking forward to working with you in 2017 and beyond!

“It’s a huge honour to be a part of this Charity”, said one of our Hosts. “It feels great to be able to show our support to those who served or that are still serving and their families. It’s great to make them feel the support of the community and that the help comes from within the community as our way to show our thankfulness”.

Many guests highlighted the effectiveness of Give Us Time concept which allows to help “in such a simple and easy way, people who give an enormous value to what for us is maybe just an apartment or an hotel room”. Others underlined the importance of helping the family as a whole since it’s the family unit that suffers when a loved one is injured or has spent long time away because of deployment or exercise or indeed does not return…

Another holiday donor said: “I wish I can be an example for other resorts or private owners to join this project and become part of this Charity”.

Once again, thank you from all at Give Us Time for making a difference to the lives of so many of our families by allowing them to reconnect in a relaxed neutral environment, away from the pressures of Service life.


Our volunteers and supporters: thank you!

At Give Us Time, we have several volunteers helping out the Team and supporting our military families.

Some of them kindly supported us during our fundraising event in November. The volunteers helped before, during and after the event, providing the vital assistance which made the evening a great success. One of the volunteers, Erik, stated that he was "very delighted with helping out at the event and supporting military families that need time away". Without the help of the volunteers, this event would never have been able to run so smoothly.

A special thanks goes to the Cadets from Westminster City School and to the F Company, Scots Guards who supported the Give Us Time Team during the event, making the evening a truly “service family” event which celebrated all the Armed Forces, present, past and future!

Give Us Time would like to give a massive thanks to all the volunteers who helped out during the fundraising event giving their time in supporting our Charity and our cause.


One of our beneficiaries talks about his experience

Scotty Darroch, a former Corporal in the Royal Logistics Corps, spoke during Give Us Time event, about his personal experience and how the charity has helped him.

It took many years before Scotty was diagnosed with PTSD. Tough years of struggle, pain and even multiple attempts to take his own life. The diagnosed helped him understanding “it wasn’t just me but an illness causing these thoughts and actions”.

In his emotional and inspiring speech Scotty said “Give Us Time was my hand up, it was a huge humbling experience for me: having the general public and businesses giving up the holidays, timeshares and properties to help our military families in need of rest and rehabilitation was overwhelming!”

The Invictus Games athlete explained how the holiday, provided by Give Us Time, gave him and his wife Joanna the chance to reconnect and recover, in a neutral, relaxed environment far from home.

Scotty then addressed businesses and holidays owners encouraging them to donate to Give Us Time: “You are not just providing a vital holiday to a military family, you are not giving us a hand out. You are giving us a hand up. And that’s priceless”.

Give Us Time would like to thank Scotty and Joanna for participating in our event and for reminding us all of the importance of our work and the impact a donation to Give Us Time can make to the lives of military families in need.


The Hales Family

Fantastic eventful family time in Sunny Tenerife

We were very excited leading up to our little family holiday to Tenerife.  Arrived at the airport early so we could explore the duty free shopping and then had dinner and drinks before bording our plane.   We eventually arrived in resort 1am and after a stress free check in a lovely porter showed us to our room and all I can say is Wow.   We had a 2 bedroom apartment and it was just stunning, complete with welcome pack of the necessary essentials of which the water was perticually well received.  Also dishwasher and washing machine which would come in very handy later on! We fell into bed excited to explore the resort the next day.   We woke to glorious sunshine eager to explore and get to the pool.   Everything we needed was onsight, supermarket, restaurant and bar all which had reasonable prices.  we had no problem finding sunbeds despite it being 11am, as hotel Operated a policy which was great and ment that towels on sunbeds unused all day was not a problem, they also tagged beds once they had confirmed that you were a guest in hotel and had not just wondered in from outside, and encouraged you to use their pool towels so that anyone without them stood out and they could check that there were ligitimate guests, all this created a stress free start to the morning and we found that no matter what time we went to the pool we were always guaranteed a  Sunbed.   We settled in and it wasnt long  before my daughter (Age 14) had made friends.   All of this along with wall to wall sunshine made for a fantastic week away. A week away that for us turned into 2 weeks away as the day before we were due to fly home my husband became ill and after seeing a doctor was declared unfit to fly.  After frantically sorting him out I was now faced with the problem of having to check our of our room the following day with nowhere to go.  Yes we had holiday insurance but unfortunately they were not very helpful! Great friends we had met while here helped and we went to reception to explain what had happened and again all I can say is Wow.  After making a few calls they amazingly informed us that CLC World would not be kicking us out the following day but that we could stay until my husband was fit to fly.  Nothing can explain how I felt at this moment and many tears followed.  Nothing was too much trouble for Katerina in reception and her colleagues.   So despite having to move to a 1 bedroom apartment which was equally amazing we were now safely accomadiated for the next week.  The added bonus of washing machine and washing tablets was great as had only brought clothes for 1 week not 2.  Hubby took a turn for the worse the following day and ended up on IV antibiotics for next few days.  And then my daughter became poorly and was also put on antibiotics.   Everywhere I went around the Complex staff asked how they were both doing and if we needed anything.  We all feel very privileged to have been staying in a CLC World resort as the compassion we received was wonderful.   Despite our little mishap we had an amazing 1st week and our 2nd unplanned week was made the best it could have possibly been under the circumstances. We The Hales family would like to thank the Give us Time team, the owners and everyone else concerned for giving a the opportunity to spend some family time together and despite everything we really did have a fantastic time.  


Fantastic Italian getaway to Casamaggiore

Thanks to a very generous donation my sons and I had the opportunity to enjoy some precious time together during the half term holiday exploring beautiful Italy.

We stayed in a beautiful 3 story house in the quiet olive tree filled village of Casamaggiore, close to Castilliagno Del Lago in the central Italian province of Perugia. Our host was super helpful, providing some great ideas on how to spend our time in Italy to enable us to make the most of our trip.  The property had everything we could wish for a comfortable break. Unfortunately the pool was not accessible as we travelled in Oct but the Italian autumn weather was still mild enough to relax outdoors on the sun loungers whilst reading a good book. We hired a car for the duration of our stay and I soon became accustomed to the Italian highways. We also used the rail network for a day visit to Rome which was absolutely amazing. During our trip we also visited Florence, which is less than an hour from the house. Such an amazing city and a wonderful opportunity for my sons (aged 7 & 9) to learn about Italian art and culture.  We were lucky enough to visit during the annual Perugia Eurochocolate Festival! Wow... what an amazing chocolate fun filled day out.   My husband and I are both serving so family time is extremely precious to us. Unfortunately my husband could not accompany us on this visit due to training commitments ... maybe next time! My boys certainly had some amazing tales to tell on their return to school, we cannot thank Give Us Time and our generous host enough.  Nearly forgot to add, we ate A LOT of pizza too!


Darroch Holiday to CLC World Resorts & Hotels

Fantastic break away. Thank you so much!

Hi all, Thanks once again for providing us with a lovely break away. I hope this wee summary of our trip is ok. Arrived on Sunday and got transfer from airport to CLC World resort. Checked in to an apartment in Marina del Rey. Well what a spot, great garden plot, amazing views and scenery. Only few minutes walk to get groceries and some home comforts in the local pantry. To Fuengirola is about 7-8€ in taxi or from Club la Costa World about 1.9 mile 20 min walk along. On the beech great spots all along the front to get sun lounger 5€ each with waiter service to Resturant bar Loads of eatery places in fish alley , steakhouse, Italian, Chinese and Indians all fighting for your custom. Also great nightlife around every corner or just stay in apartment to pizza and bottle of wine or two. Lunch great spot called Med15 Beautiful menus Brilliant week with loads of relaxation thank you all so much from Joanne and I x


The Donnelly’s family weekend at Center Parcs Woburn Forest

The family said: “After a busy year through work and other emotional strains placed on our family…the Center Parcs break was just what we needed.

The first thing we noticed at Center Parcs was how all the staff were so engaging and loved their work. Phone operators to parking attendants all gushed at how wonderful it was, and were truly genuine. Our accommodation was fantastic and my wife even commented that this would be ample for us to live in once the kids had flown the nest. The chalk board door, with a personal message from the cleaning staff welcoming us was also a great touch! Even though the accommodation itself was fantastic, the family loved spending quality time outdoors having fun. “We threw ourselves into the activities. It turns out our son loves canoeing and fencing!” “The kids also loved getting out on their bikes and tearing it up around the bike trails! But the real gem was the swimming pool. We spent a whole day in there and could have stayed longer.” The Donnelly’s took also time to say a big thank you to the Give Us Time team for its commitment to getting “some really top drawer breaks for service families.” They said “It’s fair to say that our break gave us the time we needed as a family”.


Wonderful Break in Italy

A great break for the family in Casamaggiore.

My wife and I stayed at the house with my parents and our 10 week old son. The owners were helpful in advance, full of tips and hints on how to get there and where else to explore in Italy; we took their advice and spent a few days in Rome before which was a real treat. The house itself is less than two hours from Rome, in a very small village with few amenities nearby - the essentials are at hand though, including ice-cream and coffee parlours! Nearby villages and the Trasimeno Lake offer plenty of local culinary delicacies, wines and amazing views. Short day trips out from the house include Rome, Florence, Assisi and other areas of Umbria - the rolling hills are a perfect setting to relax and unwind amongst. The house itself is over three storeys, with ample space across three bedrooms, with a large living area and fully equipped kitchen. Another big draw is the private outdoor pool, offering great views and a BBQ area nearby it was a great location for the family to relax around. We had an amazing time in all and have high hopes of returning to the house in the future. It was a fantastic chance for our family to bond and welcome our newest member before I spend a considerable amount of time away from home. This opportunity wouldn't have been possible without the vigour and selflessness of both the Give Us Time staff in finding donors and of course the kind-hearted souls who make it all possible. Give Us Time is a fantastic organisation who facilitate military families having time to re-connect and hopefully they prosper into the future to help others enjoy the same benefits that we did.


Rusere family getaway at Woodhall House

We spent 7 days at Woodhall House over Half term with the children and close relatives. The experience was fantastic!! The owners of Woodhall House were very warm and friendly. We cannot thank you both enough. 

Woodhall House is beautiful and breathtaking. The house is immaculately clean and homely. The view from the house is breathtaking and very picturesque in every kind of weather. We absolutely needed this break, As my husband has been away with the Army on several back-to-back tours. The time away allowed us to spend some much needed quality time together. Thank you to everyone at "Give us Time". Your generosity is very much appreciated.


The Shipley family's weekend at Centre Parcs Longleat

We have just returned from our fabulous donated weekend at Centre Parks Longleat.

All of us wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving us the opportunity to spend a fun-filled action-packed time with the family. Dad was able to spend some much needed quality time with his girls teaching them ‘daddy things’ - diving for objects in the swimming pool, taking them out on big bike rides, climbing and golf! Something he hasn’t been able to do for a while. In front of my eyes I could see how this special time with Dad was strengthening the family relationship and we were able to make some fabulous memories that we all will treasure. Please pass on our biggest thanks to Centre Parks for giving us this opportunity - and thank you too to Give Us Time. Positive memories and experiences are so important to us, and I can’t think of a better way to make them happen.

Jo, Paul, Isabelle and Isla Shipley




I was always grateful that I have the opportunities to visit different corners of the world. I was very excited about the trip to Turkey, as this was my first holiday to a Eurasian Country. On 10th October 2015 the QOGLR team departed from London Gatwick to Izmir Turkey. The flight was delayed and the journey was very long but finally we made it to our hotel at Kusadasi Spa and Golf Resort where the hotel staff warmly welcomed us. We spent the first morning in the resort planning our week ahead regarding our trip and sightseeing. As soon as the sun reached its highest peak we group of 6 people headed to explore the nearest town Kusadasi. We explored the local market and the Harbour where we took a 1 hr sightseeing boat ride. The following day we were visiting Pamukkale (cotton castle). Our journey to cotton castle was approximately 3 hours long but the excitement of the new place and breath taking views made the journey short. As soon as we got to there the giant White Mountain looked spectacular. We made our way up hill bare feet. The higher we got the more beautiful the view was. We enjoyed the natural hot springs with minerals throughout our time there. Our trip to the Ancient Greek city of Ephesus was fascinating. The historical site had a lot of remarkable architecture along with great stories. After our visit to Ephesus we made our way to Sirince, which is one of the oldest villages. This village is very famous for its local wine and food. We took this opportunity to taste and try their authentic Turkish food that was extremely delicious. The last place we visited on our trip was Dilek national park. The park was huge, it had spectacular mountains and beautiful clear blue beaches. It was a perfect place for hiking and picnics. We spent our last few days at the resort relaxing and enjoying the sun. The hotel was fantastic, it had various facilities such as a spa, swimming pools and karaoke nights. Overall I had a great experience and would like to thank ‘Give us Time’ for giving us this wonderful opportunity and the QOGLR Welfare team.


The Trebble family’s trip to Tenerife

Day 1 Friday 25th October

The weather was awful at 1:30am on the way but nothing would have stopped me from getting to the airport!! The children were bouncing around the car with excitement as they had never been an airplane before. We picked up my husband from “The Retreat” in Somerset and were kindly given a lift to Bristol Airport. My husband was more excited than the children and insisted we got there as early as possible! We checked in our bags and made our way to the boarding lounge and waited to be called to our boarding gate. The children nearly exploded watching the planes taking off and landing from the window.

At last it was our turn to board and the children led the way, listening to every instruction from the man on the loud speaker, ensuring we were the first in the queue. We boarded the plane and waited for take-off. The children had already read the safety manual and decided what they were ordering from the menu before all the other passengers had even taken their seats. The captain began his speech on flight times, the temperature in Tenerife and at how many feet we would be. I could see the delight on the children’s faces as the anticipation of take-off came closer. The seat belt lights went on and the cabin crew began their safety demonstration. And then we were off!!! The children sat with their faces glued to the window as they watched the world get smaller and smaller as we rose higher and higher.

To an adult the flight is a necessary but essential part of the laborious traveling process but to my children, I think they would have been happy to have just experienced the flight!! We arrive in Tenerife and as we step of the plane, the first thing that hits you is the humid air and the unfamiliar smell of the country. The children can barely contain themselves and are jumping around like lunatics. A taxi is waiting for us and zoomed us off to our resort. Upon arrival we are taken to our apartment and wow, what an apartment. We had our own private patio with sun loungers and an table, a kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms, air conditioning, the list goes on. We had had a long journey and were all very tired so went straight to the nearest restaurant and stuffed our faces!! We decided to get an early night so we could be fresh for the next day.

Day 2 Saturday 26th October

We woke around 8:30am (a lay in at our house) to the children running around already in their swimming shorts. We decided to go and find the local supermarket and get our supplies. The shop was a 2 minute walk from our apartment and we found it with ease. The children had their pocket money ready and ran around the shop picking the most random things they could find, giant pens, lilos, flip flops!!

We decided to take it easy by the pool and explore our resort. We found the kids club and sorted out the entertainment schedule with the children booking us in to everything. Every day at the pool an entertainer arranged water aerobics, pool football, kids volley ball and quizzes. I volunteered myself for the football thinking other girlies might join in but no I got my butt whooped by a load of over competitive men!!!

We ordered our cocktails and sat back watching the children play the games and make new friends. We had our evening meal in the resort which was wonderful and waited for the entertainment to begin. The snake show started and the children sat wide eyed in amazement of the huge cobra the lady had around her neck. They got to hold them and have pictures taken. They absolutely loved it. Exhausted we took them off to bed to prepare for another exciting day.

Day 3 Sunday 27th October

We had found out the resort had a free bus that would take us in to the local town of Los Cristianos or Playa De Las Americas so we hopped on and went to explore the town. We stopped at a local café for lunch and all the staff there are so helpful, they really can’t do enough for you which is so nice and it’s great to feel pampered!! What seemed like a small town was actually quite a big place, each street seemed to open into another and whichever direction you went you were always near the beach which sprawled along the town’s edge. We stopped for an ice cream and sat at the water’s edge with our feet dangling in living the dream!!

After some shopping, swimming and lots of ice creams we waited for our bus back. After a quick shower we were ready to go again and the children dragged us down to the entertainment full of wonderment of what they might see tonight. The parrot show began and at first we thought we were going to have pictures and get to hold them but then the trainer began telling them to ride bikes, roller skates, they did sums and one of them even fixed a toy car!! The children were so swept away by them it was wonderful to see.

Day 4 Monday 28th October

Today we decided to go to the beach in Los Cristianos. We walked there as it was not far from our apartment and this gave us a chance to have a look around the shops and buy those all-important souvenirs! I bought a Cactus, a tea towel and an ashtray as you do!! The children brought postcards and giant lollypops which they said were for their friends. Of course they never made it home!!

We found our spot on the beach and began the sand castle mission. First things first, we buried the kids!! Then we lay in the sun until it was so hot we had to go for a dip in the sea. The sea was warmer than our pool at the resort and it had a barrier so the kids couldn’t go out too far and there were life guards dotted around. My daughter and I had a rubber ring race which I lost so I had to buy her an ice cream.

We went back to our apartment to get ready for our evening meal and watch the entertainment. We ordered 2 pizzas which were like 2 bin lids and sat down to watch the Michael Jackson tribute. He was amazing he did all the moves and sang all the best songs, the children were so impressed by him as were we.

Day 5 Tuesday 29th October

Today we decided to have a chilled out day by the pool. We stayed in our apartment till lunch time watching the aftermath of the storm in the UK feeling quite pleased that we were sat in Tenerife with the average temperature being 28 degrees!! We wondered down to the pool to meet the children who had been making pumpkins in the kids club and ordered cocktails which were brought over to us with umbrellas in them of course!!

The children played and tried to push dad in the pool every time he dared to move and I burnt my thighs in true Brit style with a lily white hand print on the top!! We decide to have an early night as we had all had a little too much sun today.

Day 6 Wednesday 30th October

Today my daughter and husband wanted to go back in the town so my sons and I decided to stay at the pool as we had signed up for the water volley ball game. The boys had made some friends and played all day in the water and I lounged by the pool feeling the like the queen! When my husband and daughter came back they had brought lots of little trinkets and were both looking a little red!!

We had brought tickets to the Halloween pool side barbecue for this evening and were really excited for it. We dressed up in our finest and got ready to stuff our faces. Almost everyone in the resort was there and we made some new friends who were at our table. The food was amazing, and there was sangria on the tables. We did get a little tipsy and I couldn’t resist the temptation to push my husband in the pool! There was Chinese acrobats there and a film quiz for the adults which of course was designed to make us grownups look like fools, the kids new all the answers!!

Day 7 Thursday 31st October

Our last day and we have decided to stay by the pool and relax before we go back home. This is what the kids loved the most I think as they had made friends and thought the pool entertainer was hilarious! We joined in with the games and played in the pool. This evening we had a meal in the resort again as the food was so nice we didn’t feel the need to go anywhere else. An early night as we had to be up early and get to the airport on time.

Day 8 Friday 1st October- Home time :-(

We were up early and I ran around making sure we had everything. I’m sure we left with more than we came with!! Very sad to be leaving but if we could all live like this forever, what would be a holiday?

The main aim of this holiday was to relax and enjoy some time without the pressures of life at home and that’s exactly what we got. We cannot thank you enough for the amazing gift you gave us and it was not just the holiday, you gave us time to enjoy each other again and we are forever in your debt.


The Cowley family’s trip to Eastbourne

Our holiday by Amelia-may Cowley aged 9 and a half.

We went on holiday to Eastbourne. It was a long journey there but when we got there, I could see the sea for the first time in ages!! The house was really nice and I liked all the plants. It was my job to water them. After we unpacked our stuff we went down to the beach (the lady showed us a secret way) and I found some stones. We found a play park right next to our house too. Then we went back home and had our first go at Uno Dad won!

The next day, Sunday, we got up and headed to the beach for nearly all the day. I swam in the sea for the first time. I also went rock pooling but didn’t find much. Then we went on the little train on the sea front it was called the dotto train. We got an ice cream, I think best ice cream I’ve had on holiday and Mummy got a pot of prawns. We walked back along the sea front we saw a band playing in a bandstand, I liked the music. We went home had tea and played Uno again….. Dad won again!!

Monday we woke up, had coco pops and went to a place called Treasure Island. I didn’t like it that much but my little brother loved it! After that we had a really nice lunch in a restaurant on the beach I had BBQ pizza. We went back to the beach for a few hours and Mummy, Ethan and I swam in the sea but Daddy didn’t. He said it was too cold! We went to the park near our cottage then after we went home and played Ludo and Uno….this time Ethan won!

Tuesday was a whole beach day I went rock pooling and made a friend called Izzy. I found three big crabs, one baby crab and shrimp and sucker fish. We swam in the sea again and Dad did this time too. It took him ages to get in. Later in the evening we went fishing with Dad but we didn’t catch anything just a lot of seaweed. Before bed we played UNO Ethan won again! After having dinner we went to the pub for our pudding and hot chocolate fudge cake in the garden.

Wednesday we went to Beachy Head. It is a big cliff, the biggest chalk cliff in Europe. We had fish and chips in the afternoon and went to the park near us and had ice cream. We also went to the beach and did some fishing. Afterwards we played Uno and Mummy won.

On Thursday we to Brighton pier and I won a lot of toys! In the afternoon we had tea at a pub on the beach and I found some shells. We drove back to the house and we went to sit on the beach till it got dark. We went back and played Uno and this time I won and Daddy!

By Friday morning it was time to go home. I watered the plants for the last time but we got to go the beach until really late. I spent hours rock pooling and had a final swim and an ice cream. On the way home we had McDonald’s for tea and fell asleep in the car.

It was a fantastic holiday!! Thank you!!


My holiday by Ethan Cowley aged 8 and a little bit.

I liked going on the beach and seeing if Dad caught any fish and I liked having the ice cream and going on the Brighton pier. I loved playing Uno! Helen Gardens, the park near the house, was very good. Treasure Island was the best thing there. We were all having a great time together and the best thing about it was we were all together and had family time and Dad wasn’t working at the Army.

It was the best holiday ever, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


Helen and Ben Cowley

Well, the children have said it all really. Many thanks to the owners of Cliffe Corner, the lovely apartment we stayed in whilst on holiday in beautiful, sunny Eastbourne. We wouldn’t have been able to go on holiday this year otherwise. We cannot thank you enough for giving us that very rare commodity, time!

Mrs Helen Cowley, Ben Cowley, Amelia-May and Ethan.


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