1. What does Give Us Time do?

    Give Us Time offers recently returned servicemen and women who have been on active service since 2005 or the families of servicemen and women who have been killed in action since 2005, the opportunity to rest, recover and spend time with their families. Holidays are donated by companies who own or manage holiday properties.

  2. Who is eligible for a holiday?

    Applicants must have been deployed on operational tour from and including 2005, or been discharged through injury or had a member of their family killed while on active operations since 2005.

  3. Who can make a booking?

    Registration and booking should be completed by military personnel, or by a member of the immediate family of the service person who has died on active service.

  4. What do I have to pay?

    Holiday homes have been donated and are free to use, however all other holiday expenses, including travel and transport, taxes and insurance, food and activities, are yours to cover. You will be required to provide the property owner with your credit card details or a cheque for £100 deposit to cover late cancellation, and in some circumstances there may be additional charges specified by the owner.

  5. Who can I take?

    You are welcome to take whoever you like from your family. Please note that you are responsible for the booking and are therefore responsible for any damage to the property.

  6. How do I make a booking?

    When you submit an Booking Form for a property, Give Us Time will notify the property owner who will send you confirmation of the booking. You can cancel the booking at any time before 24 hours of the start of your stay in the holiday home without charge by giving notice to the owner. If you cancel the booking after 24 hours of the start of your booking or do not check in at the start of your booking without giving the required notice to the owner, the owner may deduct all or part of your deposit.

  7. How do I cancel a booking?

    We accept that there will be occasions when, for reasons of illness bereavement, or a call back to active duty at short notice, you will not be able to use a confirmed booking. Please let us and the property owner know as soon as possible. You can cancel the booking without charge at any time up until 24 hours before your stay. Cancelling within 24 hours may result in the owner deducting all or part of your deposit. Please also note that if, having booked a property, you do not then use it on more than one occasion, we reserve the right to refuse any further bookings from you.

  8. Where are the properties?

    Properties donated to Give Us Time are located both in the UK and abroad.

  9. How long can I stay?

    Give Us Time holidays are all for short holiday breaks up to one week.

  10. Who are the donor?

    The donors are currently companies who own or manage holiday properties.

  11. Who is liable for any damages that occur during my holiday?

    Give Us Time can accept no liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused including but not limited to the quality and fitness of the property, damage to your possessions during your stay; and lost or stolen possessions during your stay. This does not exclude any liability arising from death or personal injury to persons caused by negligence on the part of Give Us Time, any liability arising as a result of fraud, or anything else which cannot be excluded or limited by relevant law.

  12. Can I apply for help with the transport costs?

    We only offer to subsidise travel payments in exceptional financial circumstances. If you would like to apply for a travel subsidy please get in touch.